Overseas Order Notices

Pleasea read all carefully ^ ^

Face-up = USD 30(per one head)
+Eyelash = Choose one of these
1. One eyelash: USD 2
2. Two eyelashes:USD 4
3. If you send your own eyelashes,there's no charge.
+Faceup removal : USD 5
+Return shipping : I require shipping fee after I send back your doll
+Paypal fee : 4% of Total charge

Here is the order form.Pleasea fill in it carefully

1.Name of owner
2.Information of doll(Company;Mold;F/M etc)
3.Face-up(You can add picture if you feel hard to write sentence.)
a)Face-up mood (Gothic, Antique, Sexy etc.)
b)Eyebrow (Shape & color)
c) Eyelash ( Color & how many)
d) Lower eyelashes (Color & density)
e) Lips ( Shape & color )

5 Shippin option what you want
a) EMS or Priority mail or Etc. :
b) I require insurance : Yes or No(If yes , how much coverage you need )
c) I require Tracking number : Yes or No

** Mark as 'Gift' and total cost as '$50~$70 in shipping form (Custom form) If you don't do it , there will be problem in Custom office process. They will charge custom fee.
** When you pack your doll for shipping, use face-cover and bubble wrap.

And here is my MSN, Pleasea add it if you are convenient. liyasmeen-3-@hotmail.com.hk

If you have any question, welcome to ask me.

Thank you.